I was the sacred log of the Redeemer's cross
I am the heat of your home in the long and cold winter nights.
I am the friendly shadow which protects you against the summer sun.
My fruits satisfy your hunger and calm down your thirst.
I am your home's roof, the boards of your table,
The bed on which you rest and the handle of your tools.
When you are born I am the cradle,
When you die, I am the hearse
Take care of me so that I can keep on taking care of you

(Unknown author)


Any crazy one can pull down trees. But it took more than three thousand years (three millenniums) to form some of the trees of our forests. Along these centuries with a lot of turmoil, God took care of these trees, defended them against the drought, the diseases, the flooding, the storms and ten other dangers. But God could not defend them against the insane.

John Muir, - The American Forests

[Deforestation] [Ecological Bomb]