Wonderfull City

     This is a site of brazilian collectors, mostly from the cities of Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Brasília, São Paulo, Recife, Belém, Belo Horizonte and others. We are interested in preserving and broadcasting the memory of the national art of collecting. Many of us are in this way for more than 30 years. We have made tens of expositions, published some books, written several articles, edited catalogs and we want to do much more. To figure out our work, it can be summarized in some words: Collectibles, Culture, National Memory, Rio de Janeiro, Ecology, Proverbs, Expositions, Articles, Courses and other Curiosities about Ephemera Collections and General Knowledge. Collecting is an art.
Manuel Mora's drawing
[Jornais] [Futebol] [Baralho] [Rio Filatélico] [Ipanema]